If you’re a rookie in the field of design aspiring to become a creative graphic designer, following these ten tips can help you increase your creativity and become one of the best designers in the game.

Work freelance

Working freelance helps you pick up the vital experience you need to become the top creative graphic designer that you aspire to be. But remember not to start freelancing straight out of college you first need to work for a design firm so have the experience and knowledge you need to become a successful freelance graphic designer.

Pair contrasting fonts

It’s important to know which fonts go together and which ones don’t. That’s essential knowledge that all designers must have. Pairing fonts can prove to be an area that troubles amateur designers. An important rule to remember when picking fonts is to select fonts with good balance and good contrast between them.

Match colors in your design

Establishing color harmony is an effective way to make your design stand out. You can find the exact color by using the color picker tool, which provides you with a hex code. A hex code is a six digit code that can identify the correct color. This type of detail can help you become the best creative graphic designer.

Use grids for images

Grids are a unique tool that helps you with the layout and editing of your images. They assist in creating a professional effect. Images with similar themes are placed together in a grid to make the perfect eye-catching composition. Filters can be employed on grids to achieve better consistency.

Transparent icons

Creating backgrounds while designing is the time when the creative juices of every designer start to flow. Experiment with images or use colored shapes, the possibilities are endless.

Illustrate using shapes and icons

Shapes and icons can be used to a great extent in designs, and most amateurs learn that gradually. Create info graphics, special text boxes, shapes and icons as they can help you come up with great and original designs. It can help you illustrate boring stats and figures in an interesting manner.

Fixing color issues

It’s necessary to fix color issues in the images you use. It’s an important part of the design process to make sure that the images are at their best. Playing with saturation and brightness can help achieve that. Increase the saturation to get vivid, vibrant and bright pictures, and decrease it to get toned down and washed out pictures.

Crop Images properly

Crop images properly is essential when using images in a design. Images should be crop in such a way that images still covey the intended meaning. Nothing is more annoying to eyes then seeing an improperly cropped image.

Consistency of elements

Consistency is important and it should be reflected throughout your design. Whether it is using colors, images, fonts or shapes, consistency helps achieve improved visual recognition.

Design graphics for social media

Social media can significantly assist you in improving your design skills. Design your profile picture and cover regularly for practice. Try to apply the same rules to your social media display that you do to your design.

Above mention tips will help you increase your design creativity, do not forget to share your tips that you use to boost your design creativity.


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