WordPress Specialists

At Hakpro Designs, we work with some of world’s top web designers. We provide the technical nuts and bolts to the website development process. We specialize in WordPress, which is the number one content management system used today. With over 7 years’ experience, we can be your one contact for all WordPress services including: theme development, custom functionality, support and website hosting. We work as a white label service, staying behind the scenes, respecting your brand and customers.

WordPress Theme Development

You’re a designer. You create stunning website designs, but you need a programmer to code it. Hakpro Designs can take your psd or fireworks files and develop them into fully working WordPress websites. All our themes are created using modern technologies such as Twitter Bootstrap, allowing full mobile responsive functionality.

WordPress Custom Functionality

You have a current WordPress website. It works well but you require specific functionality to run your business right. You’ve searched for plugins but nothing works exactly as you need it. Hakpro Designs can take your requirements and develop custom functionality for both the Admin section and the front end, allowing endless possibilities.

WordPress Management

Managing your website can be complicated and time consuming. Hakpro Designs can act as your single contact for anything to do with your website. This can include content updates, new pages, forums, analytics, maps, online payments, email setup and more.

WordPress Security

Regular maintenance of WordPress is an important task that is often overlooked. Security holes are routinely discovered and broadcasted across the community, leaving you vulnerable for attack. Downtime of your website can be costly and severely effect your business. Hakpro Designs can take care of these tasks for you, keeping your website safe.

Online Stores

Our favourite online store is Woo Commerce, which is used with WordPress. Hakpro Designs can setup and operate all areas of this system for you. We can also create customised functionality for this system if required.

Mailing Lists

Keeping your customers informed about your business is essential. A regular mailing list can engage with your customers and introduce them to your latest products and services. Hakpro Designs recommends Mail Chimp. We can set this system up for you, create templates, send emails, and generate regular reports.

The Latest Technologies

Hakpro Designs focuses on all the latest web technologies. We are also experienced with Windows, OS X and Linux. As developers we love fast modern javascript technologies using frameworks, however we also complement this with the web standards such as HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, ASPX and more.

If you look back a few years you will realize that back in the day, WordPress only used to be a website that was preferred for blogging. No, you didn’t even have to do anything! All you had to do was make sure that you have a blog made on the website. There was no feature to create your website separately. Well, then time changed and WordPress took a huge turn. The website started creating some of the best websites that you can possibly find. You can safely say that you live in a decade where WordPress development was invented. Why to choose website designing and development services? Well, the answer is pretty simple. WordPress offers you perhaps the best features that you can possibly find very easily. All you have to do is make sure that you are getting the best sort of WordPress Development that you possibly can. How can that happen? Well, there are many different ways to get your website developed but the best one that we think is with the help of a WordPress development agency.

These WordPress development agencies are hard to find and you need to make sure that you are getting the best services from them. Well, we’ve broken down a few things for you that you need to look out for in a WordPress development agency.

The Reliability Factor

The first thing that you need to focus on is obviously the reliability factor. Reliability is one thing that you need to have on any company before you hire them. Well, how do you get the WordPress development agency that is reliable? Well, when doing a google search for the company make sure you look into forums and Facebook pages, sometimes even twitter feeds. These are places where customers actually discuss the best and most reliable WordPress development agencies. A good example is obviously HAK Pro Designs that excel in this field.

How they handle you

When looking for a design agency, make sure you look closely on how they handle you. The way they handle you is very important. This is because you need to make sure that they give you the importance that you need. The way they treat you is the way they treat your project so if they treat you nicely, it means they will treat your project nicely as well. Take care of this point and you will never get into any trouble with WordPress development agencies.

Reviews for the WordPress development agency

This is perhaps the most important step that you need to look at when choosing a WordPress development agency. You need to make sure that the reviews online are amazing. When making sure that your company is just the right one, you need to look into the previous projects that they’ve handled. They are perhaps the only way for you to make sure you are handing the project to the right hands.

When it comes to building a website, there are only a few platforms that are perhaps called the best ones to work with. They are easy to use and good to make, they can be perhaps one of the best ones that you can possibly find. However, they are just like one of those readymade fruit cakes you have. It is much more than that. Development needs to be done on the WordPress website or blog of yours and better than getting any agency for this service, you should get a Freelance WordPress developer instead. Getting a Freelance WordPress developer is a better solution to this problem because they know how to handle every situation very easily. Make the most out of your Freelance WordPress developer search with the help of a few things that you need to have in your Freelance WordPress developer of choice by looking into a few points that you need to consider in case of finding a Freelance WordPress developer. Let us look at what we’re talking about

Checking his previous projects

A good website developer always has one thing with him and that is his ability to impress a new customer with his previous projects. Taking a look at his previous projects actually provide you with a lot of confidence. You get the reliability that you need from your Freelance WordPress developer and you understand that whatever you need is easily achievable from his work. Awesome design companies like HAK Pro Designs always make sure they provide their previous projects.

Looking into reviews

When looking for a Freelance WordPress developer, reviews can be a tough call to find. If the Freelance WordPress developer you are interested in is a hot shot, then you can definitely search a lot of his reviews. However, when you get the feeling that you have an underground Freelance WordPress developer, then looking on his Linked In profile can help. Satisfied customers always leave the best Linked In recommendations for the people and always provide amazing reviews elsewhere as well.

Concentrating on discussion

The one thing that you need to focus on is discussion. It doesn’t matter if you physically meet him or communicate on email. If this Freelance WordPress developer treats you like a priority and talks to you generously then he is definitely one that you should consider working with. However, if he talks rudely, keep in mind that his behavior will be the same when you work with him.

Pricing packages

The pricing packages of Freelance WordPress developer and WordPress development agencies differ drastically. When working with a development agency or company, you will have to follow the desired rates that they prefer. However, with a Freelance WordPress developer you can get discounted rates. So, make sure that you discuss the rates with him before he starts the project.

All in all, we hope your search for Freelance WordPress developer ends nicely! Get your WordPress blog or website developed the right way.